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Why should I hire a public adjuster?

Navigating the process of filing a comprehensive homeowners insurance claim can be an arduous and overwhelming experience. That's where the licensed public adjusters who host Claims Underground come in. As trained professionals, they are experts in navigating insurance coverage, holding carriers accountable, and maximizing settlement amounts.

Hiring a public adjuster provides assurance that your claim receives the attention it deserves and safeguards against insurance companies taking advantage of what you don't know, potentially resulting in a denied or underpaid settlement. The team at Claims Underground is committed to empowering homeowners to receive the compensation they are entitled to by offering their wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry.

With Claims Underground, homeowners can rest assured that they have a team of licensed public adjusters on their side who will tirelessly advocate for their best interests. Their dedication to maximizing settlement amounts and holding insurance companies accountable underscores their commitment to their client's satisfaction and financial security. Trust the experts at Claims Underground to help you navigate the complex world of homeowners insurance claims and ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve.

License Public Adjuster

My name is Corey Locke

  • License Public Adjuster

  • Certified Appraiser & Certified Umpire

  • Expert Witness

Co-founder & Senior Public Adjuster Lic#2D53104

Corey Locke, a seasoned Senior Public Insurance Adjuster, and Property Damage Estimator, has been skillfully navigating the landscape of property insurance claims in the State of California since 1988.


With a career spanning over three decades, Corey has honed his expertise through various roles in the industry. For 26 years, he served as a Multi-Line Insurance Adjuster, working diligently for numerous insurance companies and solidifying his reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable professional.

In 2014, Corey transitioned to become a Public Insurance Adjuster, estimator, and expert witness, leveraging his vast experience to provide exceptional service and guidance to his clients. His unparalleled dedication and proficiency have propelled him to become one of the most successful Public Adjusters in the State of California.

Corey Locke's impressive track record and comprehensive understanding of the property insurance claims process make him a formidable force in the industry. His unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with his passion for helping others, underscores his position as a respected and accomplished figure in the world of property insurance.

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License Public Adjuster

My name is Troy Willis

  • License Public Adjuster

  • Certified Appraiser & Certifed Umpire

  • Expert Witness


Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer Lic#4129563

Troy's career in the insurance industry began in 1994 as a contractor, and he soon transitioned to working as an independent adjuster for large-loss commercial and residential insurance claims. Through this work, Troy gained invaluable insight into the procedures and practices of insurance carriers. Having worked alongside these companies, he understands precisely what documentation is crucial for maximizing an insurance claim.

Troy is now a highly successful Public Insurance Adjuster, Estimator, and Expert Witness with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has built a reputation for his exceptional knowledge, skill, and unwavering dedication to helping property owners receive the compensation they deserve.


As a military veteran who served in the United States Navy and holds a Master of Business Administration, Troy brings a unique blend of expertise and professionalism to his role as Chief Financial Officer. He oversees daily operations and develops strategies for appraising and negotiating policyholder insurance claims, utilizing his ability to interpret ambiguous insurance policies and ensure that clients receive the maximum amount of indemnification for their claims.

Troy's meticulous attention to detail is critical in his work as he reviews policies, estimates, and reports to determine covered and uncovered items. This knowledge allows him to negotiate with insurance carriers for a final and fair settlement on behalf of his clients. Troy's vast experience and expertise have firmly established him as one of the most successful Public Insurance Adjusters in the State of California, and his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service continues to benefit his clients to this day.


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